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Club - Survivor

Modeled after the reality television series, Survivor, our organization strives to create similar experiences lived out by contestants on the show without the survival aspects of living on a remote island. Survivor: Northeastern puts together one season per semester, consisting of 16-20 students, who compete for the title of Sole Survivor. They participate in challenges, both mental and physical, experience tribal councils, and test their abilities in social psychology, all while making life-long friends. Survivor: Northeastern has operated outside of campus as Survivor: Boston for three seasons over the last year and a half, but would love the opportunity to represent the University as Survivor: Northeastern. Our seasons are filmed by a camera crew and uploaded to YouTube after several hours of editing and story-boarding. We look to recruit students who are interested in reality television, have a competitive nature, and demonstrate enthusiasm. Students of all ages, majors, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply and submit a video describing their interest in the show. Those who are not cast are encouraged to participate in our club via production or outside events, like viewing events for the CBS Survivor, outings with the organization, and attending challenges or tribal councils. The game starts in tribes, where students compete for tribal immunity. The losing tribe must vote out a member of their tribe. When the game has reached about the halfway point, the tribes merge. The contestants then compete for individual immunity and continue to vote each other out. The voted out contestants after the merge become members of the jury, and ultimately vote on the season’s winner when there are two or three contestants left. Not only do we live out the game, but we foster friendships and a communal space centered around a common love for the show.