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  • <h2> WHAT<br/><em><strong>AREN’T</strong></em><br/> WE<br/> WORKING ON?</h2><ul><li>We’re on the case: </li><li>cancer research. </li><li>Race & justice. </li><li>Cyber security. </li></ul><p> No matter your own philanthropic focus, <strong>the depth and breadth of Northeastern University</strong> means that we’re likely advancing research, access, and awareness in that field.</p>

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Thank You to our donors!

Northeastern has so much to offer, and so much to look forward to. That’s tradition, that’s because of you. Your generosity and dedication never ceased to amaze us. Here’s a short thank you video for you:

Featured Fund: International Student Fund - Ukraine

Show your support for Northeastern Students Impacted by the War in Ukraine

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