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Club - Health Disparities Student Collaborative

The Health Disparities Student Collaborative (HDSC) is a group of students committed to building partnerships between schools, local organizations and communities in Boston aimed at addressing local health disparities. Born out of the Health Disparities and Higher Education Symposium in November 2007, the HDSC was founded by students who are alarmed that, despite its prestigious reputation as a hotbed of cutting-edge medical training, treatment, and research, Massachusetts is home to some of the most serious and shocking health disparities – particularly those affecting racial and ethnic minorities. Driven by a sense of responsibility and community, these students believe in utilizing the tremendous academic institutions and resources in Massachusetts in order to work with communities to close this gap. The HDSC is led by a central Leadership Committee that meets regularly to plan support, and publicize university-community collaborations, events, and activities. HDSC is part of CriticalMASS (, a statewide, public-private coalition focused on eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities and promoting grassroots action at the local, regional and state levels. Mission: The Health Disparities Student Collaborative is a collaboration of students and community members who believe that together we can achieve health equity through education, advocacy and service.