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Club - Black Law Student Association, Kemet Chapter

The Black Law Student Association-Kemet Chapter is committed to maintaining a safe-space and preventing the silencing of the voice and vote of students of Black-African descent that is inevitable with an integrated body. It is our mission to serve the NUSL and legal community by increasing educational and career opportunities for students of Black-African descent. Members are encouraged to help aid students of Black-African descent to achieve success and to prepare them to make choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential in the legal profession. It is also our mission to support an environment of social camaraderie and preserve the rich cultural history of those members who came before us. Members are dedicated to recruitment, community involvement, and activism as a means to remedy the small number of students of Black-African descent. With this mission, the Kemet Chapter adheres to the following goals in addition to the aforementioned national goals: (1) To instill in attorneys of Black-African descent and students of Black-African descent a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of the African-American and African Diaspora community, (2) To influence the legal community to bring about meaningful socio-economic change to meet the needs of Black-African and African Diaspora community, (3) To promote the hiring and retention of faculty and staff of Black-African descent, and (4) To provide and promote opportunities for students of Black-African descent to establish relationships within the greater legal community.