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Club - Northeastern Robotics

The NU Robotics Club is an umbrella organization that maintains several projects, independent from each other, across the field of robotics while holding general meetings to unite the organization for presentations, activities, and trips. We strive to lower the floor for people looking to learn robotics, and emphasize that the pursuit of learning is more important than sheer knowledge.

Our goal is to de-mystify robotics. We provide a launch-pad for learning about robotics and self-starting projects. We firmly believe that a commitment to learning matters more than accumulated knowledge ever could, and strive to equip you with the resources you need. It’s never too late to start.

Our currently active projects are a six legged robot that sees through an advanced RPLIDAR system, a car that can drive up walls and on ceilings using reverse thrust from drone propellers to maintain traction, a cheap and fast Braille printer, a swarm of ten robots that think as a group, a completely home built Segway scooter, a swerve drive which is an advanced wheel that can drive in any direction by varying its speed, a robotic arm and many, many more that are still being developed.

Mission: For many students in college, robotics seems like something that is too difficult to get into. This organization is here to provide both a launchpad for learning about robotics, and for learning how to self-start and manage projects by working with a combination of faculty, peers, and graduate students on novel robotics projects.