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Network Science Institute

Network Science Institute (NetSI) aims to be one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary research communities supporting innovative research and training in the growing field of network science. Our mission is to discover and inspire fundamentally new ways to measure, model, predict and visualize meaningful interactions and interconnectivity of social, biological, physical and technological systems; explore their universality and predictability; and inform intervention strategies to improve health and security of human populations.
The Institute is a multi-disciplinary community that brings together researchers and doctoral students who are joined by a common goal to understand behaviors of complex systems by building models of the structure and dynamics of their connections. The Institute has the only PhD program in Network Science in the U.S., providing foundational training in network-based approaches, languages, and problems. With support from six academic units, Computer Sciences, Arts Media & Design, Business, and Social Science & Humanities, the Institute truly reflects Northeastern’s broad vision of learning and research without boundaries. Our innovative research and education initiatives, along with collaborative community and educational strategies are motivated by a desire to inspire and contribute to a growing community dedicated to fundamentally changing the way society understands and interacts with our networked world.