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Club - NU Mural Club

The Northeastern Mural Club aims to provide service to the local community through the organization, planning, and development of mural projects. We plan, design, and create original murals by collaborating with community partners and/or on-campus groups. Not only do we aspire to create beautiful works of art to enhance our neighborhood, but we also look to build strong relationships with members of the Boston community. As a student group, we strive to reflect Northeastern’s commitment to civic engagement.

Northeastern Mural Club was founded upon core values of service, passion, collaboration and community. Since its founding, Mural Club has contributed over 500 canvases to local community chapters, schools and organizations throughout Boston and has collaborated with amazing groups to create large-scale wall and canvas murals. Club and committee members strive to create personalized projects that truly represent the events and organizations while reflecting the club’s mission statement.

Our student group has grown tremendously in just a few years and has earned a wonderful reputation throughout the Northeastern and Boston communities. Northeastern Mural Club has been recognized with the well-deserved honor of the Organization Award for Community Service at Northeastern’s 2014 Student Life Awards. Our club has a bright future ahead of it and promises to continue decorating the city with beautiful collaborative art.