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The Mosaic Fund

Northeastern University is the recipient of the 2022 Deshpande Symposium Award for Excellence in Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship. This is in huge part thanks to the work done by all of our students in the building and development of Mosaic. The amazing contributions to Mosaic allow students to develop entrepreneurial leadership skills outside the classroom. Read more on the award coverage here.

Mosaic is Northeastern’s hub of student-led entrepreneurship organizations that support experiential education through programming and venture-consulting. Students from every discipline contribute to the vibrant startup ecosystem at Northeastern where organizations are hosted across six colleges. This currently includes the following organizations and corresponding home colleges:

  • Entrepreneurs Club (E-Club) - DMSB
  • Generate - COE
  • Huntington Angel Network - DMSB
  • NUImpact - DMSB
  • Origin - COS
  • Scout - CAMD
  • ViTAL - Bouvé
  • Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE) - DMSB

Provisional Organizations:

  • Socially Conscious Investing Club (SCIC) - NUSL
  • Consulting and Advisory Student Experience (CASE) - DMSB
  • Disrupt: The FinTech Initiative - DMSB
  • Northeastern University Marketing Association (NUMA) - DMSB

Mosaic’s goal is to advance the student leadership of interdisciplinary organizations that provide programming and services directly to the incubation of ventures. The fund may be used for expenses that include, but are not limited to supporting Mosaic operations and the student groups that are part of, or join, this entrepreneurial ecosystem.