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Club - Energy Systems Society

The Northeastern University Energy Systems Society (NU-ESS) is a graduate academic student group associated with the Masters of Science in Energy Systems program of the College of Engineering. Though closely related to the program, NU-ESS welcomes involvement from everyone in the Northeastern community interested in taking a more active role relating to energy, sustainability and environmental issues. The group’s leadership will work to organize events, discussions, educational forums and other activities to give the student body an opportunity to extend their learnings and experience outside of the classroom. The group also serves as a valuable networking tool to industry throughout Boston, New England, and beyond.

The mission of the ESS is to ensure the sustained excellence and success of the Master of Science in Energy Systems (MSES) program by bringing together students, program leadership, and alumni. The activities of the group will allow members of the group to remain connected with one another, gain knowledge of various energy industries, and promote continued education within the energy community. The group aims to align with the interdisciplinary pillars of the MSES program: Engineering, Business, and Policy.