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Donor Profiles:

Jim Madigan, DMSB ’86; Head Coach, Men’s Ice Hockey

Northeastern has it all to help you reach your academic, social, and personal goals. I have wonderful memories from my 36 years on Huntington Avenue, and they are shared between athletics and academics. First, it was my two hockey coaches—Fernie Flaman and Don McKenney—who were terrific role models. They were more interested in developing us as people than just as hockey players. Jack Malone, the current senior director of facilities services for more than 35 years, has also had a major impact on me as a boss, mentor, loyal friend, and someone who has dedicated his life to the university. Lastly, my current boss, Athletic Director Peter Roby, has helped me become a better person and manager through his insight, guidance, and fairness.

I’ve always known it was important to give back, particularly to those who provided my family and me with so much. While I was on co-op as a student, I made my first gift of $500 for a new hockey players’ lounge. Although it was a lot of money for me at the time, I remember how good I felt giving back to a program that had just given me so much.

Regardless of my position at the university, I want to support my various areas of interest: athletics, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, and scholarships. My goal was always to donate more than the scholarship support I received during my time as a student-athlete at Northeastern. And, with my current giving, I am pleased to say that I will exceed this goal.