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Donor Profiles:

Kelly Madigan, DMSB ’13

My family has strong ties to Northeastern with my parents, Jim and Kimberly, both attending in the 80s, and my dad has worked there since he graduated. My sister, Kate, and I grew up as Huskies, and after visiting other schools I couldn’t envision myself anywhere but Northeastern. The city atmosphere and dedication the school has for students to excel in the classroom, the work environment, and in sports was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

My co-ops had the most impact on me because they taught me and prepared me for what was to come after college. They allowed me to advance in the work environment well before many people my age. And most importantly, I found my dream job during a co-op in the marketing department at Reebok—where I still work today!

What I love most about Northeastern is how much it has to offer, and how it pushes you past your boundaries. I graduated with an experience I know many of my friends didn’t get to have. The university is not just a place where I received a great education, but a place that has supported my family and me for most of our lives. It is important to give back to those that have made a positive impact on your life, and Northeastern has provided my family with educations and jobs after graduation. It will always remain a place I call home.  Go Huskies!