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Donor Profiles:

Elizabeth Barno, CSSH ’13

The co-op program is what sold me on Northeastern. I really liked the idea of professional work experience on my resume even before graduation.

Since finishing my degree, I have stayed in the Boston area and helped start Greentown Labs, which is now the nation’s largest cleantech incubator. I rely much more on the “life lessons” from my experience at Northeastern than the name of my degree or major. In my field and professional pursuits, my critical thinking, communication, and strategic planning skills are incredibly important, and I credit the sum of all of my classes, internships, co-ops, and on- and off-campus experiences for helping me to build these skills.

Northeastern’s values align very well with my own, and I am proud of the people, research, and initiatives that I see Northeastern work toward. I value what I learned during my five years and the experiences I had so much, that I want to enable these opportunities for every student who wants them.