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Global Experience Fund

The Global Experience Office provides students the opportunity to engage in high-quality study abroad programs at institutions around the world, participate in our award-winning dialogues. 
Study Abroad programs are offered during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester at one of Northeastern’s partner institutions. Students can take classes at a foreign university, typically taught by local faculty members. Study Abroad programs have a direct immersion aspect which can assist in broadening students’ academic experience and deepening their cultural awareness.
Dialogue of Civilizations programs are faculty-led programs, offered during either Summer 1 or Summer 2, that focus on critical issues facing students and their peers at both the local and global levels. Students typically spend around 30 days in-country with a faculty leader from Northeastern University, learning about a specific topic or course subject in a chosen location. This type of experience is best suited for students who are looking for an intensive short-term international experience.
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