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Club - Give a Hand

Give a Hand is a Northeastern University Club made up of a diverse student body from Engineers, Designers, Business Majors, etc. Our goal is to design, fabricate and build affordable 3D printed prosthetic hands for people near the bay area who were born with a hand malformation or got an amputee. The exorbitant prices of bionic hands can go from $15,000 to $70,000 USD making them inaccessible for the wider population. As members of, a global network of volunteers, we hope to expand their impact. The Innovation in design and manufacturing could transform a prosthesis from a luxury item to an affordable device. The process of fabricating the hands is complex but not extremely difficult to learn and teach. The goal is to gather as many students as possible and find people in need of a prosthetic and build them one. These devices are extremely affordable costing under 50 dollars each. We hope to fundraise money so that the patient will get a device under no cost. Furthermore, since most of the receivers are children the design is extremely flexible, and they get to pick the colors, design and themes. The idea is to create a local network of volunteers and transform how medical devices are viewed. We currently have our own website where we go more in depth about our mission and the devices we fabricate (​​