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Club - Addiction Support and Awareness Group

The mission of this organization is to create a community for people struggling with addiction and to educate the northeastern community on the topic. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has established that as of 2022, 20.4 million people have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder in the past year and only 10.3% of those people received some type of treatment. Massachusetts itself suffers from an opioid crisis, and more people have died from drug overdose in recent years than ever before. In the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy Area, the home of Northeastern, 396,000 people ages 12 or older were classified as having a substance use disorder in the past year, higher than the national rate (NSDUH Report). College students between ages of 18 and 22 particularly are at higher risk for struggling with substance use disorders. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health asked participants in this age group who were at college and who were not if they had used alcohol in the past month; college students’ “yes,” answers were 10% higher than the group that was not in college.