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Club - Black Christian Fellowship

The Black Christian Fellowship is geared towards creating and cultivating the unique Black Christian experience on Northeastern’s campus. As college students, the journey of faith is a hard one. We strive to create a welcoming community that centers Jesus in all of our efforts and events. Together, we learn and grow by challenging and uplifting each other to live Christ-like. We gather to study the Bible and use it as instructions for our daily living. BCF strives to build a comfortable, inviting, and non-judgmental environment for students to thrive. We aim for our efforts to leave a lasting impact on not only our members but the entire Northeastern campus and Boston community. As a Christian organization, one of our pillars is service. In our programs, we discuss the challenges we’ve faced and how we can go out into the community and help others overcome these obstacles. BCF provides a space where students can be comfortable to grow, challenged to give, and uplifted to prosper.