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Club - EcoScholars

EcoScholars is an organization of Northeastern students who work with local elementary schools and afterschool programs to provide climate change and environmental education appropriate to their grade levels. Our mission is two-fold: to conduct lessons and programming at schools and to develop and publish a curriculum library for use by other organizations. We seek to help students in and beyond Boston understand the science behind climate change, the many implications of climate change, and how they can help fight it. In particular, climate change will affect future generations as the temperature of our planet increases, so it is important that young students are educated and aware from a young age. Students who are interested in environmental science, environmental engineering, teaching, science, and/or have an interest in sustainability and the impacts of climate change are encouraged to join. Most of the students we teach are grade students during scheduled after-school programs. We have weekly meetings to introduce the club to new members and set expectations for teachers. After the start of programming, we have biweekly meetings explaining and reviewing the upcoming lessons in classrooms.