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Club - International Students in Business

Vision: ISIB hopes to be a resource in a club form that offers to primarily assist international students integrate in the US workforce and become global business leaders.

One major setback that international students face when coming to study in the US, is the uncertainty of having viable job prospects in the US after graduation due to the Visa/Work Permit issue. Currently, US college graduates without a STEM major get 12 months of OPT and STEM students a total of 29 months. After this period, students must hope that companies will sponsor them for an H-1B visa, which very few companies do and these companies are also difficult to find.

Additionally, the club also hopes to offer guidance to international student on how to be successful as internationals in the professional world, and how they should be able to utilize their skills to their advantage.


Strategy: We hope to have our club consist of two components. The first component would be to have a research division to the club. The researchers would have the responsibility of researching & contacting companies for positions that offer sponsorship or offer to hire international students. In the long run we would hopefully be able to build relationships with these companies where we can hopefully send an international student every year to work there. The findings of our research will be available to all our members and we would also encourage members to have a genuine crowdsourcing mentality, where if they find a position that does not require sponsorship, that they share it with the rest of the group members.

Alternatively, we would also like to bring in guest speakers, in a group discussion setting, to give members the opportunity to talk and discuss on how to be successful international professionals. Researchers and Eboard members in our club would also be responsible for reach out to potential guest speakers.


Objectives: The three objectives we have are Place & Educate & Serve. We want to place as much of our international members into secure jobs after graduation. We want to educate the international student body on how they are able to be global leaders by bringing in proven professionals in an array of fields to offer advice and guidance. Lastly, it is also important to serve. This is done by researchers in the club and general members sharing jobs that they have found that do not require sponsorships to all other members of the club. We would highly encourage researchers to be non-international students that want to ensure that their peers have as many opportunity possibilities as possible after graduation.