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Club - Lean Endeavors at Northeastern

Our mission is to provide students with resources that help them improve their knowledge and exposure to LEAN concepts and get to delve deeper into the industrial practices. We believe lean is a philosophy, a way of thinking and that can be applied in a wide variety of domains. We as a lean club will be undertaking activities and projects that will help improve current standards as well as increase efficiency of a process at Northeastern or any other industrial problem. Lean is a versatile concept in itself that can be applied to various functional areas within an organization like operations, sales and supply chain, manufacturing and project management departments, etc. We at lean club will assist students to apply these concepts, use them as a tool to improve themselves as well as organization they are associated with. Lean helps in reducing waste and increasing efficiency be it time, processes or cost and we help students develop that mindset and have a leaner approach to problem solving guiding companies and non-profit organizations to grow sustainably. We aim to provide resources and oppotunities for students to participate in lectures, workshops by experienced professionals in lean operations, envisioning to create an opportunity for students to work on projects with them. We would like to make learning about lean to be a fun activity for example working in a team consisting of students from various streams and competing in process improvement, case presentations, training simulation games. Proactive involvement in such tasks will provide an experience and enhance their soft skills along with clearing fundamental concepts. We also believe that Lean is not just a concept, it is a way of life. Like Peter Drucker concisely said, “There is nothing as useless as doing efficiently, that which should not be done at all” further pointing out adaptability and dynamically improving each and everyday.