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Club Sports - Spike Ball

Northeastern Club Spike Ball is a co-ed organization founded in 2017 that is interested in promoting the sport of Roundnet (also known as Spikeball). We provided a place for students to improve their skills, to compete against other collegiate programs, and to work their way towards the goal of premier qualification.

In 2023 our club traveled to the Spikeball Nationals Tournament in Virginia where we placed 4th in Division One and 1st in Division Two!! Since 2017, our Division 1 team has been one of the top teams in the Northeast, consistently sitting at the top of the podium as well as more recently qualifying for an invitation to Nationals in 2023.

From 2022 to present, our club has hosted a Northeast Sectionals Tournament on Carter Field where Collegiate programs from all over New England came to play in a squads-style tournament. We also hosted our first ever Halloween Tournament where students from numerous schools played while dressed in their favorite costumes.

In addition to our own events, we seek to spread awareness of the sport through working with other clubs in the University. We frequently loan out equipment to other clubs for their events, including Relay for Life and Fraternity/Sorority Roundnet Tournaments. Lastly, our club’s competitive team registers for any/all roundnet tournaments in the area.