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Club - Women in Economics

As an undergraduate student organization, Women in Economics addresses the gender disparities within economics. We cultivate an empowering community for all students who express an interest in the field of economics. We invite our members to engage on an interdisciplinary level with economics while promoting diversity and inclusivity. Women in Economics provides members with skills-building opportunities, empowerment in the field, and a connection with faculty and graduate students.

We host weekly meetings along with two large-scale events during the year. The focus of our more informal weekly meetings is to provide a space where members can connect with each other and share their thoughts on the topic at hand. These meetings cover current research being done by female economists, workshops on important tools for success in the field, and discussions about improving the field for women.

With the larger events, we seek to inspire and encourage members by demonstrating the possibilities of the tools of economics. These events will feature a speaker, either a PhD student in economics or professor, who will speak to the group about their research, experience, and challenges in the field.