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NU Student-Athletes for Equity Coalition Fund

Mission: Northeastern Athletes for Equity strives to harness the power of our unique student athlete network to play our part in creating a more equitable society for black people.

Vision: We are striving for a world where intercollegiate athletes value taking on challenges in their community just as much as they value the challenges of sport. The purpose of this site is to foster a community that services as a hub for all collaborative efforts created to further awareness regarding racial and social justice.

Recent events in our world have ignited robust momentum in the campaign against violence and systemic racism towards black people. As student athletes, it is our responsibility to put the challenges we face on the field, in the pool, on the track, on the court, on the ice, and on the water aside to take on the existential challenges that face our world. We are a united alliance of diverse and motivated young people who are striving to make an exceptional impact on the world around us. The Northeastern Athletes for Equity Coalition raises money for organizations working to eradicate the disparities that black people face in the United States and provides a platform for student athletes to share their stories and educate their community.

The Northeastern Athletes for Equity Coalition provides student athletes with the opportunity to learn more about the process of philanthropy and foster a lifelong relationship with giving. This effort challenges all of Northeastern’s teams to raise funds from alumni, friends, and family to support social justice efforts that address a range of responses to systemic racism. The funds raised will be redistributed to nonprofits in the Boston area whose missions are centered around creating a more just and level playing field for people of color in the Boston community. All of the nonprofits will be student athlete selected through a philanthropy course administered by Northeastern’s Social Impact Lab.