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Club - Art Blanche at NEU

Art Blanche is an art club at NEU that provides art enthusiasts unlimited options to express their creativity. We want to unite everyone interested in creating art and arrange a place where students can express themselves through any fine art. We welcome any 2D and 3D media. We want to give proficient artists a chance to improve their skills through communication and help from other fellow-artists. We will arrange “critique rounds,” where we would discuss each other’s work and share tips and tricks.

Apart from having proficient artists, we also welcome newcomers interested in learning how to do art and express their voice through the art form. By inviting professional artists and students to teach and lecture at our club, newcomers as well as more proficient artist will be able to develop and improve their own style.

We will organize “life drawing ” sessions to do figure studies. Having the Museum of Fine Arts right around the corner we will take advantage of it to seek inspiration for our own work by arranging visits and guiding a group discussion.

At the end of each semester we will arrange student exhibitions presenting work created during the last months.