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Proof Positive: Nohemi Moctezuma

California native Nohemi, SSH’15, had never set foot in an airplane until she flew to Boston to be interviewed for a Northeastern Torch Scholarship.
Now, with a degree in political science and international affairs in hand, Nohemi is taking off.

The Torch Scholars Program provides academic and social support to first-generation students with the grit, if not the grades, to earn admission. Moctezuma’s studies took her to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Japan. She also mentored high school students and promoted education through Boston’s YMCA and Boys & Girls Club.

Moctezuma, who has law school in her sightlines, attributes much of her ambition to benefactors she’s never met. One is the late Albert Tenney, whose bequest for scholarships came through his will. Tenney, who owned a janitorial services company, saw learning as the key to life. That conviction was born out by his 40-year business relationship with Northeastern, a client he considered family.

“Like Torch, Mr. Tenney saw strengths in young people they may not know they have,” Moctezuma says. “Torch helps us find our path in the world.”

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