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Club - Sinha Capoeira

A Unique Afro-Brazilian Martial Art / Dance Form. Capoeira is an explosive high intensity workout, where you will learn to move with power and grace, have fun, and get into amazing shape fast. This unique class is designed to work the entire body; consisting of strength moves that emphasizes coordination, balance, and flexibility. It is a high endurance workout with intervals of various intensities that will challenge you. Capoeira is sometimes referred to as “Flashdance” workout as it will not only get you “fighting fit” but you will have a great time doing it. Classes are based on traditional sequences and modern progression, which we practice while listening to traditional, sensational, and energetic Capoeira music (featuring berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro). Each class begins with movement games to warm-up, where specific exercises prepare one for training. During class there is partner and line-work, where the moves flow from one position to another and also where techniques are developed. We finish class with traditional ‘Capoeira roda’, displaying intuitive movements, building confidence and practice playing Capoeira music. Coordination - Balance - Flexibility - Strength -Endurance - Music - Self Defense - Discipline - Culture