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Club - Refugee Empowerment and Awareness Campus Task Force

MOTIVATION: Oftentimes, the atrocities and the scale of human tragedy spilling from refugee crises in Syria and elsewhere in the world, seen through the safe-harbored smart phone and laptop screen can seem unfathomable. The death toll, number of causalities and amount of displaced persons too easily meld together into faceless statistics as we forget the unique human trauma and challenges that most refugees go through as a result of conflicts. It is our responsibility to break down any barriers, real or imagined, and see these people as the individuals they are. It is imperative to recognize our obligation to our fellow brothers and sisters who are walking the hardest road of their lives. While acknowledging that we cannot possibly tackle all causes, we can at least harness the passion and ingenuity of students to target some facets of the problem. GOAL: At the end of the day, the hope is to both elevate awareness and attention of the refugee crisis, and that in the face of compassion-fatigue and inaction, it is possible to help ameliorate, at least in small part, the desperate realities that refugees find themselves in. PLAN OF ACTION: We are tackling this endeavor via two approaches: A) An ‘Empowerment-oriented’ work stream, focused on fundraising, sponsorship, volunteering, donation, and social enterprise campaigns. B) An ‘Awareness-oriented’ work stream, focused on workshops, speaker series, and art exhibitions.