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Club - Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code Northeastern University College Loop is a new organization for women (or non-binary individuals) who have previously participated in Girls Who Code programs and women with an unfulfilled interest in or passion for computer science get together to have fun, support each other, learn new things. GWCNU will accomplish this through monthly challenges given by Girls Who Code HQ. These challenges include creating frameworks, learning new languages and creating informative videos on Computer Science Topics. GWCNU will meet once a month for two hours to complete the assigned challenge, and completion results in a chance for GWCNU to receive prizes and giveaways from GWC. GWCNU will employ the Girls Who Code model of ‘Leaders, Allies, and Learners’ which highlights the importance of working on a team with a wide variety of skill sets. Members may identify with one quality more than the others, but GWCNU encourages to think about how one can embody each role in your own way for every challenge. Furthermore, GWCNU will have direct access to nearly 100 corporate companies and regional events hosted by GWC and it’s sponsors, giving members a significant edge in networking. As 1 of 30 schools that have been hand selected to be part of this pilot experience, GWCNU pursues the values of experimental and hands-on learning to encourage diverse involvement in computing.