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Club - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

We are made up of students and faculty alike who share a common interest in blockchain technology and the prospects of decentralization in the future. Our club has weekly meetings that can focus on financial happenings, new blockchain innovations, regulatory actions, or societal impacts that have been observed or predicted. More broadly, the point of the club is to bring students together to discuss blockchain’s impacts across the worlds of tech and finance, and how they will shape our society. We welcome students of all levels of crypto-familiarity, and are always looking for new members who would like to learn exactly why blockchain is as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

Member participation is highly encouraged, and meetings are either expert speaker or student-led on specific topics of interest. Throughout next year, we will have many hands-on meetings in which we collectively learn HOW blockchain tech and finance work, rather than simply observing their operations. These workshops tend to include analysis of whitepapers, trading and financial modeling, or smart contract development (come to a meeting and find out why these are the future of the internet!). Additionally, we will put on many crypto-educational events, like our kickoff event next fall. In these events, we will be soliciting and partnering with many industry leaders in order to familiarize both ourselves and the Northeastern community with the current state of cryptocurrency and where it’s headed.