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Donor Profiles:

Pete Petrin, SSH ’13, MEd, ’18

When I was looking at colleges, the second I set foot on Northeastern’s campus, the urban setting, innovative energy, and co-op model had me hook, line, and sinker.

During my senior year, I spent nearly every minute in the Center of Community Service office as a service-learning co-op, scholar, team leader, community service organization volunteer, and program associate for the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship. I couldn’t get enough of the passion and leadership abilities of the team in that office; my conversations with them largely inspired my decision to participate in AmeriCorps after graduation. Whenever I donate to Northeastern, I try to designate the funds to that team and their awesome programs.

I work with aspiring graduate students in Boston for my current job, and in all the programming that I do across the city, I continue to be astounded by the brilliance, talents, and confidence of Northeastern undergraduates. It’s a personal goal and absolute thrill to help support the campus so I can help open doors for those emerging leaders the same way Northeastern opened so many doors for me.