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Club - Saudi Arabian Student Organization

The idea of establishing SASO gradually materialized after the interactions that some of us have been having with the Northeastern administration. Given the growing number of Saudis on campus, both parties saw it fit to mobilize a formal representation of Saudis on campus through SASO.

Indeed the establishment of SASO comes as testament to our collective potential as Saudis at Northeastern to play a more significant role in the promotion of our values, unique culture and professional aspirations to the Northeastern community and to the US at large.

Sustainability is crucial if we seek the success of this organization and I feel very strongly about making SASO a sustainable effort. How? I believe the key to achieving that is to ensure a group-driven attitude to reflect everything we do. To that end, since the birth of SASO, I made sure to include all of these elements into the SASO constitution when I wrote it. SASO is made for you and is driven by you! You are its members and you are its leaders. SASO’s success hinges on your active contribution, and I can’t tell you how much I’m excited about the prospects of what we can achieve together!