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Donor Profiles:

Kimberly Madigan, PAH ’83

I was a small town girl back in the 80s, drawn to what a large university had to offer. When I stepped onto Northeastern’s campus in 1979, I was overwhelmed. Back then, it wasn’t as developed as it is today, but it had a “working man’s” attitude that made me feel right at home. My dad was an asbestos worker and my mom was a nurse, so I felt very comfortable with the faculty and students who I met that day. I felt a true sense of community and family. Everyone looked out for one another. And the university has stayed true to its roots—as times have changed, the core values of the school have always stayed the same.       

I am so pleased to still have strong ties to Northeastern. Since my husband [and men’s ice hockey head coach Jim Madigan, DMSB’86] is a “lifer” and both my girls just graduated, Northeastern is my life, and I am so proud to be a part of it. I support Northeastern because it’s like family to me, and, as I was taught long ago, family always takes care of family.