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Donor Profiles:

Kate Madigan, DMSB ’15

I visited and applied to McGill University in Montreal, and Bentley University in Waltham, both of which I loved. However, my heart and brain always led me back to Northeastern. My parents met there, my dad, Jim, was working there, both my aunts are alumni, and my sister was enrolled there. I was proud to follow my family to Northeastern. From attending games as a one-year-old when my dad was the assistant men’s ice hockey coach, to being eight years old running around the rink and attending the annual holiday party, to being 18 and sitting in the Dog House and working in the Facilities Department, to age 25 when I have two Northeastern degrees and numerous best friends—and having had about 100 heart attacks from watching close hockey games. I am privileged that I could attend Northeastern and continue growing up on Huntington Avenue.

As a high school student, I spent summers working in Northeastern’s Registrar’s Office and in Facilities, and during my college years, in the Internal Audit and Co-op Departments. One thing that remained consistent through these very different jobs was how amazing the people were. Everyone was eager to see me excel in the workplace and in school, and they always made sure I had time for studies first, and then for some fun. How I have developed as a young woman is truly attributable to the many individuals who helped me along my way at Northeastern.