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Donor Profiles:

Michelle DuBow, COS ’13

I grew up in an urban area where college was not the traditional step after high school, and I was one of my few peers who left the state to pursue my degree. During this process, I also supported a number of friends who were first-generation college students, which strengthened my desire to work to increase access to education for minority and underprivileged populations.

As President Aoun says, Northeastern is a “welcoming community that embraces the immeasurable benefits of diversity and inclusion.” Throughout my years as a student, involved alumna, and staff member, I learned the importance of valuing friendships and staying connected while around the globe. Between co-op, international travel with the university, service learning, and research opportunities, I was positioned to leave Northeastern with an understanding of my goals and a competitive edge above my peers in industry. I am so inspired by my fellow Huskies and constantly motivated by the work they are doing.

Because of Northeastern, I have learned who I am, what I value, and that hard work truly does pay off. And I give to allow current students the opportunity to discover just that.