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Club - Investment Banking

The mission of the Investment Banking Club is to provide students with an opportunity to learn, engage, and familiarize themselves with the investment banking industry. Our meetings will consist of guest speakers from a diverse array of banking companies, Northeastern alumni, and faculty to share their experiences in the industry. Workshops will take place to develop each club memberʼs knowledge, skills, and networking confidence. Through our weekly meetings, club members will be able to apply what they have learned into their personal lives, co-ops, careers, and the Northeastern community as a whole. Our intended audience or potential members are anyone who has an interest in investment banking. This may include students who have no previous experience or knowledge of the field but may have heard of it through a friend or even at a prospect fair. This may also include someone who has researched or experienced something relating to investment banking and already has a good understanding of the industry but wants to build on that knowledge base. It does not matter if the student has no experience or is an experienced professional, there is always more they may learn. In more detail, an initiative we intend to pursue is teaching, through workshops, the necessary skills our members would need to start o in the investment banking industry, whether that be an analyst position on the execution side or on the business development side.