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Jelly Incubation Fund for Khoury College

The fund will be administered by the dean of the CCIS or his or her designees. The fund will provide research and/or programmatic support for projects by students, student groups and/or student run service organizations. The projects will be of a unique scope, topic or approach that will boost the reputation of CCIS and Northeastern, or be a project that will be beneficial to CCIS. Applicants for funding must submit a proposal outlining their project that included a viable budget, timeline, and defined goal. The fund will be used to cover all expenses from the approved budget that include, but are not limited to: supplies, equipment, lab space, labor costs, etc. Recipients of funding must be full-time CCIS undergraduate students, or student groups or service organizations led by CCIS students. Funding will only be given to those projects where the grant provided will entirely fund the scope of the project as outlined in the proposal.