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Our Team:

Justine Woodman

Administrative Coordinator, Annual Giving

My favorite thing about working at NU is…

President Aoun’s vision and the university’s commitment to innovation, which are felt both tangibly and intangibly.  Innovation distinguishes Northeastern from many American higher education institutions, and prepares generations of young leaders for success on the world stage.  

From co-op opportunities in every region of the globe, to acclaimed highly distinguished faculty, to state of the art research facilities, to the creative, compassionate and multi-faceted student body, Northeastern’s dedication to innovation transcends campus boundaries through a vibrant and passionately engaged community with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Phone Number

I can help with:

Thank-you mailings received from the office of Annual Giving, including first-time donor cards, milestone donor cards, and donor anniversary cards; help with event registration or special requirements for event attendance; information on how to make a gift to Northeastern; general donor information.